Glorious moments In The History Of Indian Sports

When the world talks about the talent and hard work, India is not behind any other country. Such amazing talents made India proud in the field of sports.

India has a lot of talent and quality in various fields and sports is indeed one of them. From the most talked game in India i.e. Cricket to some international events and Olympics too.

India is gradually increasing medal tally in Olympics and some other international events also and they have gone a long way on it.

Here we have listed some glorious moments in the history of Indian sports.

1951-1962: Indian Football Glorious years

The key point of Indian Football is The 1950 World Cup. At that time Indian football was ranked amongst the top 20 teams in the world.

Under the legendary Football player Syed Abdul Rahim, they won 1951 and 1952 Asian Games and finished fourth in the 1965 Olympics.

However, the team was at their peak as they automatically qualify for the 1950 FIFA World Cup but could not manage to participate in the tournament because of the lack of resources and financial problems.

But, today Football players are working hard and trying to bounce back into the field of Football, they just need the support of the nation.

1952- First Indian to win Individual Olympic Medal

Khashaba Dadasaheb Jadhav was an Indian athlete who is best known in the form of the wrestler, who won the bronze medal individually for the first time for India in 1952 Olympics.

He was born in the family of wrestlers on 15 January 1926 in Satara and died in Karad on 14 August 1984.

He won his Olympic medal after defeating players from Mexico, Canada and Germany. After achieving this remarkable foot he was just gestured by some people in his village.
After Norman Pritchard, he won two silver medals in athletics in 1900.

1960- Milkha Singh breaks the 400m Olympic record but lost the Bronze by just 0.1 seconds.

Milkha Singh famously known as ‘The Flying Sikh’. In 1960, he broke the 400m Olympic record and almost every Indian knows about this legend.

The most memorable in his career was the 1960 Olympics when he just lost Bronze medal by just 0.1 seconds.

Milkha Singh also proved himself in other events also as he won the Gold medal in 1958 and 1962 Asian Games.

1975- India won Hockey World Cup, Malaysia and Dhyanchand’s role

In the historical match for Indian hockey, in 1975 India beat Pakistan by 2-1 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Players like Ajit Pal(captain) and Aslam Sher Khan played a vital role in the 2-1 victory.

India has 8 Olympic Gold Medal and the role of Major Dhyanchand can’t be denied for the hockey evolution in India.

Major Dhyanchand is considered the greatest player of all time of this sport. He was also known as ‘The Wizard’ of Indian Hockey team as he leads his team to victory several times including the one in 1936 Berlin Olympics against Germany and 40,000 people witnessed the greatness of Major Dhyanchand.

Hitler got so furious with the match result that he left the stadium in frustration and anger. Legend has it that the next day, he invited Dhyanchand to meet him and offered him German citizenship along with a high post in the German army, which Dhyanchand politely refused.

1983- Cricket World Cup, victory repeated in 2011

In 1983, India created a much talked about history when they won their first Cricket world cup by beating West Indies. It was a nail-biting contest where India lost the toss and put to the bat first.

India was against the best bowling line-up at the time. They just managed to put 183 runs on the board and Kapil Dev inspires the team with his words

“Team, if this is not a winning total it’s definitely a fighting total”

India managed to win by 43 runs and beat the best side at that time.

However, in 2011 India was against Sri Lanka at the Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai where Sri Lanka put the target which no team has successfully chased at World Cup final but India with the heroics of Gautam Gambhir and MS Dhoni lift the trophy for the second time.

India becomes the only team to lift the world cup at home.

1986- P.T. Usha’s victory at Asian Games

Usha won four gold medals and one silver medal in the field events of 1986 Asian Games.

P.T. Usha was awarded as the Best Athlete in the world. This heroic by Usha inspires a lot of female athletes in India to achieve that too.

2000- Viswanathan Anand wins the World Chess Championship

Anand was once nicknamed “Lightning Kid”. Anand marked a remarkable victory by winning the FIDE World Chess Championship in 2000.

He becomes the first Indian to win the championship and later on, he finished with five championship glory.

He was known as one of the versatile chess players of all time.

2008 – Abhinav Bindra’s gold medal at the 2008 Olympics

Abhinav Bindra’s Gold medal shows the Indians marked on the international events, apart from cricket India has shown a lot of skills and hard work in Olympics too.

Abhinav Bindra won Gold in the men’s 10m rifle shooting competition in 2008 Beijing Olympics.

This moment not only bring the limelight in Indian sports but Bindra becomes the first person to win Gold for India Individually.

2012 – Sachin Tendulkar’s 100th century and retirement

The “GOD” of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar, has always been the country’s proud. Sachin was such a talented player that no other player can be compared to him in terms of potential, technique. He was a god, gifted player.

People have so much faith in Sachin that make him lead the team towards victory most of the time.

In 2012, Tendulkar proved his amazing batting capabilities yet again as he became the first batsman to make a 100 international centuries.

Millions of fans shed tears as the master blaster bid goodbye to his 24 years long cricketing career.

2014 – Mary Kom’s “golden” come back

Five-time world champion and Olympic bronze medallist Mary Kom captured everyone’s heart with her first Asian Games gold medal in the women’s 48-51 kg boxing.

This win was more special for her as she was making a comeback after two years break in which she delivered her third baby.

This was a proud moment for every Indian.

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