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BJP & PDP : 2019’s Preparation Start

Yesterday ( 19 June 2018) BJP’s office announced that they are ending their alliance with PDP, after this announcement Mehbooba Mufti also handed over her resignation letter to the governor of the state.

But many facts are still unknown to most of us so let’s look at all the facts related to this relationship.

Why it Started :

After the election results of 2014 in the state. Bjp gained votes by promising an end to the terrorism and a way to end 370 article, and PDP gained votes by promoting an anti-Bjp climate in the Kashmir side ( mostly ).

This resulted in a win in Jammu region for Delhi but they were not able to win any seats in Kashmir region. Moreover, PDP won 28 seats. At that time they could have also made an alliance with Congress and National Conference.

But then it was that it would result in an assembly with no representative from Jammu region, and so this relationship as started. It is interesting to note that they decided to partner up even when their views on article 370 are different from one another.

Modi & Mufti together
Modi & Mufti together

Where it went wrong :

They were working with one another just fine but the situation changed when center( BJP ) decided to start widespread hunt operation against terrorist in the valley.

A particular incident was the death of militant Burhan Wani. After his death, there were widespread revolts and rallies in the Kashmir region and PDP started to come under fire for these operations.

The sentiments were starting to turn against the PDP and they were starting to lose control since what they promoted was self-rule in the valley in their manifesto but their alliance was costing them.

The unrest started to mount between the two parties and BJP decided not to continue in the national interest( according to their press release) but is it really the case.

Possible Reasons :

1. National Intrest :

As far as official reasons are concerned BJP’s stand is that in the wake of their current breakdown on the criminals in Kashmir, they cannot continue with a party who soft sympathizes with them.

If this narrative is to be believed, that it is suggesting that BJP is serious to continue working towards ending militant activities in the Kashmir and they are trying to promote their image of anti-terrorists in the nation.

2. 2019 Preparation

If you are a follower of politics, you would not be surprised if I say that a large share of the vote that BJP got was due to few promoted issues like Ram Mandir, article 370 removal.

At that time, they promoted these ideas fierce. As of now, ram mandir issue is in the court and government intervention is not going to work there.

But it is also a fact that they will lose the major share of votes if they are not able to deliver, so could it mean that they are trying to retain that vote share by fulfilling the second promise.

Since PDP has been a major party and they are against the removal of the special status of the state. Now, if they have been removed as a partner could it mean that it is the start of a large plan to remove 370 article in the state and thus could this incident become a trigger point for BJP to start working towards their plan for 2019 national elections of India.


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